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The smartest way to

manage your relationships

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personal and business relationship management reimagined-together
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End-to-End Relationship Management

Intuitive, Organized and in One Place


The world's 1st universal contact management

system for both personal AND business use. 

  • Connect personally, professionally or both ways to segregate your networks.

  • Add searchable tags, labels, notes and network values for your closest relationships and prospects.

  • Get CRM contact folders and a file tree for all types of relationships, personal and business

  • Coming soon: Search contacts by custom tags then select and message all to create private chat groups on-demand

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Magic Newsfeed™️

Take control over your newsfeed with proprietary search and filtering technology.

  • Filter news by contact groups, media types and keywords to find the news you want fast. 

  • Post any type of file or media to targeted audiences to build and maintain relationships

  • Syndicate your news to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Slack at the same time.

  • Filter news based on contact values (inner vs outer circles)

  • Coming soon: Block certain types of news from clogging up your feed. ie. politics, food, etc. and "post as an email newsletter" 

All-In-One Profile

You don't share your life story with strangers, and neither should your profile. 


  • Showcase what you want, to who you want, with permission-based profiles, and built-in pages to showcase your resume and media

  • Build credibility with recommendations from your network and Webtalk Verify®

  • Conduct lookups before, during or after meetings to find commonalities. 

  • Customize your profile with videos and HTML

  • Coming soon: Sell your time as a freelancer 

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Sync & Syndicate Your Apps

Don't want to leave your favorite apps? We've got you covered





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