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Donating 10% of All Profits 

Our purpose for existing is to help the world create a better quality of life through innovative technologies. However, we aren't stopping there.


10% of all profits will be donated for LIFE through the Webtalk Foundation

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Foundation Mission

The mission of the Webtalk Foundation is to help the world go non-profit. We want to help those with aspirations of dedicating their lives to helping others achieve their goals. 

The foundation will support non-profits around the world by providing them with facilities and space needed to conduct their philanthropic work through a grant.


No matter if its a new hospital or medical office, school or childcare facility, park or recreation center, orphanage or halfway house, or any other facility needed to do conduct charity works in a clean and safe environment, a grant from the Webtalk Foundation can help. 

Donation Recipients


Webtalk is tracking every country where it makes it's profits so the profits from those countries can be reinvested back to the country in the form of a grant to non-profits in the applicable country. Once Webtalk reports its first profit, a foundation website will go live to display the available grant funds per country. 


Every recipient of a Webtalk Foundation grant will be required to agree to the terms of the grant, and maintain their committed obligations throughout the life of the grant in order to keep it active. This process assures all non-profits are continuing to grow their charitable efforts and are deserving of the grant awards as time progresses. 

In order to acquire a grant, you must be a registered not-for-profit corporation/entity in your country (where applicable) and complete a grant application. Top applications will go through a screening process to determine further eligibility. 

All applicants must submit a detailed report with your grant application on the property(s) they wish to purchase or build, cost to purchase, and any estimated costs to build or renovate the facility with a proposal from a licensed (where applicable) general contractor/developer/builder. This is also required for any secondary facility options in the event the primary selection becomes unavailable. 

All applicants are responsible for providing the plans and designs for any facility they wish to build or renovate, as well as any expenses pertaining to the planning and designing. All plans and designs will be required to be submitted with grant applications requesting a new build or renovation donation. 


Grant applications have not opened. Please enter your email below to subscribe to updates from the Webtalk Foundation. Once Webtalk begins reporting profits, a new foundation website will be launched to display the grant monies available in your country with real-time tracking. 

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