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Check Out Our New Free Cash Rewards Program Video

This month, we launched a new landing page to debut our new Free Cash Rewards Program video.

The video is available to all Beta members first and live on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. It explains how you can earn free money as a Webtalk member. If you don’t already know, you earn points for engagement and posting great content, and then you can redeem your points for cash each month. You can also earn a 10 percent commission when your referrals make a purchase on Webtalk. To qualify you must be enrolled in the free rewards program. There’s also a bonus offering, which is limited to the first 1,000,000 users worldwide who qualify (other terms may apply).

On the new landing pages you’ll find your Affiliate ID on the bottom right footer as well as on the “Get Referrals” tab in your Cash Rewards Office. Click here to verify your Affiliate ID.


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