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Introducing SocialCPX, Link Previews, Newsroom & more...

Webtalk is excited to announce many new updates and product releases in today's v2.25 release.

SOCIALCPX | Webtalk's FREE referral rewards affiliate program.

SocialCPX stands for Social Commission Per Exchange, or earn commissions on the revenue generated by the members you refer to Webtalk.

Earn 10% on all revenue generated by your referrals to Webtalk. Plus, right now Webtalk is offering a limited bonus that is paying 10% through 5-degrees of referral separation to the first 1 MILLION affiliate members who refer 1 or more PRO customers.

Try the income calculator to see how much you can earn from your referrals.

Starting off, Webtalk has partnered with Stripe to distribute commissions to affiliate members in 22 countries. Soon Payoneer will be added to pay commissions in almost every country worldwide with a few exceptions.

Webtalk will also be adding a few more payment options including Paypal, and Webtalk Credits to use commissions to make purchases on Webtalk.

Currently, Webtalk's commission platform is paying out USD, and all commission payments need to be exchanged to local fiat currencies through its partner payment platforms.

However, Webtalk plans to introduce Webtalk Coin, which can only be mined through the revenue sharing program, as well as Webpay, a digital wallet with a built in currency exchange. Webtalk Coin will be a hybrid stable coin based on USD acting as an internal credits platform. More details will come in the white paper released with the new coin.

SocialCPX is currently in Beta and you can locate your referral and payment dashboards inside your Webtalk account through your main account menu located on top left of every page. After Beta testing is complete, SocialCPX will become its own application offering a host of affiliate tools for tracking referrals, sales and commissions as well as affiliate training and automated marketing tools.

Learn more about SocialCPX by visiting

Newsfeed Link Previews

Link previews has become a common feature found in the apps of multi-billion dollar companies, and today Webtalk is happy to announce this service is now available inside your Webtalk newsfeed.

Simply post a link to a news article and you will instantly see an image and description of the article you are sharing.

New Webtalk Landing Page

Webtalk is now A/B testing a new landing page for Webtalk as the front page to the Webtalk Newsroom. Visit to have a look for yourself.

Webtalk Newsroom

After several months of hard work, Webtalk is happy to announce its official Newsroom. Here you will be able to get all of the latest updates, announcements and press coverage and all other information about Webtalk.

New Webtalk Referral Links

On your referral dashboard inside of Webtalk, you will find 3 new referral links for Webtalk, the Newsroom and SocialCPX. Use these links to invite people you don't know and use your profile link to invite the people you do know to get the best results.


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