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Three Ways COVID-19 Changed the Way We Network

COVID-19 has revolutionized the work world. While working conditions vary by location, most of us are still spending at least part of our week holed up in a home office, collaborating with colleagues via Zoom meetings. Remote work has become a norm. But how has that affected networking?

Virtual Meetings

Before COVID-19, businesses used third-party meeting platforms like Skype and Zoom to connect with employees working from home or in some other remote fashion. With COVID-19, these tools went from a nice option to absolutely essential – with some companies having huge virtual meetings several times a day.

Digital Etiquette

With face-to-face conversations being the exception these days, it’s more important than ever to leverage traditional email platforms and apps such as Slack to get on the same page as your colleagues. Make sure to put in some extra time to create a polished comprehensive text that properly conveys your message.

Emphasis on Social Media

COVID-19 has certainly put more of an emphasis on the social in social networking. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, Webtalk consolidates and segregates your personal and professional networking to help you get the most out of your relationships. What’s more, on Webtalk you can:

  • See the people who’ve viewed your posts

  • Syndicate your posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Instagram

  • Control your newsfeed algorithms and filters

  • Organize contacts by tags

  • Get paid when your posts go viral


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