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Webtalk Expands Universal SocialCRM Contact Manager

We are very excited to share that one of our networking solutions has expanded its focus and scope. Our universal SocialCRM contact manager now includes home and personal service providers, the final missing pieces to our patent-pending all-in-one relationship management tool.

As the first of its kind, our new CRM tool manages all those professional relationships in your life, including the ones that go beyond the office. Imagine having a single place to keep track of all those connections you take for granted every day. Your real estate agent could later become your next client, but then again … so could your plumber or your electrician. And instead of spending hours looking for market research participants, why not reach out to your child’s babysitter who can enlist her friends to participate and be a springboard for your next product idea. Finally, your own accountant could later become your finance director when you launch your next business.

Through our new CRM tool, your list of potential contacts are neatly sorted into categories for easy searching and managing:

  • Consumer to Consumer CRM – for managing friend, family and colleague contacts.

  • Consumer to Business CRM – for managing home and personal service provider contacts.

  • Business to Consumer CRM - for managing current and prospective customer/client contacts.

  • Business to Business CRM – for managing vendor, employee/contractor, investor and partner contacts.

Reinventing the traditional “phonebook”

When most of us hear the word phonebook, or even “contacts” (the digital version on our smartphones), we think of a very linear, alphabetized index that fails to really capture the context behind all our social connections. With our new tool, your complete network of contacts can be divided between personal and professional, and subcategorized multiple levels beyond that. Some of our tool’s features include:

  • integrated contact groups

  • searchable tags

  • time stamped notes,

  • complete contact information cards

Features like these allow for better contact management and help you easily remember details around your past social interactions.

Bringing you control and security with your contact manager

We also designed a relationship values tab for control of your account’s newsfeed algorithm. This helps you prioritize which of your contacts updates you see first, as well as the order of search results when seeking professionals recommended by your network on Webtalk.

We keep your desire for privacy and data protection deeply woven into our new solution. Whenever you connect to our platform, the default setting only allows access to data that was published publicly, until additional data-access permissions have been granted to the user.

Our goal with this new tool is to help bring new connections and purpose to your professional life, but also to make your life outside the business world more efficient and fulfilling.


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