Webtalk in the News: MarTech Series

It's great to see that Webtalk's latest product updates were featured in an article in MarTech Series this week. The article highlights the launch of the newest products on Webtalk, including the new landing pates, profile completion wizard and updated onboarding experience.

Additionally, the article features commentary from RJ on Webtalk's progression:

“As our community continues to evolve, we are constantly thinking about how to make things easier and more efficient for our users,” said RJ Garbowicz, CEO of Webtalk. “With today’s update, we hope to help speed up new member acquisitions and double the number of new members joining on a per visit ratio, helping users to earn rewards even faster.”

To read the full article, visit MarTech Series (Webtalk Launches New Landing Page, Updates, Onboarding Experience, and Adds Profile Completion Wizard).

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