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Webtalk Updates Web Browser-Side Performance

Earlier this year we started reviewing opportunities to boost the performance of Webtalk. In the process we made improvements to our algorithms in February and March to speed up notifications and searches and Webtalk’s recommendation engine, which suggests people you may know.

In this release, we’ve accomplished phase one of our web browser-side performance enhancements, which includes a better performing messaging and news feed. As a result, we expect the application to perform better on all browsers whether on desktop computers or mobile devices.

In addition to new features and updates plus over 70 bug fixes, we made improvements to the Notification & Privacy Settings, SocialCRM, Onboarding, and Tagging features.

On the Contacts page we modified existing functionalities, such as the ability to autosave on SocialCRM tabs. We also aligned the company dropdown and added a company button. Meanwhile, in the Home Service Provider drop down, we bolstered the SocialCRM, including fixing and modifying the size of the services dropdown and fixing some glitches with the mobile web app.

On the Onboarding reset password page we enhanced password reset functionality to include a verification code. And on the Onboarding verification process page we added verification codes. Users now have the option to verify using a verification code or a verification link. We also added a new Submit button that’s more secure, and improved the Reset Password functionality.

And on the Tagging page we enabled users to remove themselves from a tagged post. This included improving tagging notification and performance.

These are ongoing improvements, and we expect to be done with phase two of the web browser-side performance improvements this summer.

We anticipate this summer’s mobile app to very high performance – even compared to the current website. And once it’s out, and users are at home with it, we’ll do an overhaul of the website to make sure it’s performing on the level of a near native app.


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