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The Internet, Reimagined

Webtalk is disrupting the Internet's top three sectors; communication, commerce and search with patent-pending technology that merges them with drastic improvements overall. 




Assign your contacts to built-in personal and professional networks and groups, then add tags and notes that can help you find them later with the important information about them. You can also assign them to your inner or outer networks by giving them a value to see more or less from them.

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You have complete control of who sees your posts, with the convenience of sending a copy to your other social networks, and the ability to attach any type of media or file. You have just as much control over the news you see with built-in network, group, media, file and keyword filters.

All-In-One Profile

Your profile is a virtual resume, a news timeline, a photo gallery, a video gallery and a file gallery that is designed like a responsive website with loads of customization options to showcase you exactly how you want. All data is displayed based on its permission settings.

User Search

Inside Webtalk you can do quick searches for any user by name, job title, industry and keywords found within their profiles. Soon you will be able to search for businesses and entertainers with the launch of PAGES and advanced search tools are available with PRO.

Media & File Galleries

When you attach media and files to your newsfeed posts, Webtalk automatically stores a copy in your drive and posts a copy to your profile media and file galleries so the people who have permission to view them can find them on your profile any time. 

PRO                          Go AD-FREE with PRO!

Pro premium features help the Webtalk users who want more ways to find and connect with other users. This service is great for dealmakers, entrepreneurs, recruiters, investors and even singles. It's the ultimate prospecting tool. Plus, annual subscriptions are 50% OFF for LIFE for a limited-time for all new members!  

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Webtalk Rewards

By simply using Webtalk, you can earn points that redeem for cash monthly. You'll earn points for engagement, creating popular content, and for your referrals to Webtalk. 


The cash rewards program is 100% free, and available worldwide. Restrictions may apply.

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Affiliate Program

Join Webtalk's free affiliate program, where being social pays big. No matter if you're a Webtalk user, celebrity or professional marketer, Webtalk can help you generate a substantial amount of residual income by simply using Webtalk and referring new users. Enroll today, it's FREE!


Help Desk

You got questions, we have answers! Visit our comprehensive help desk to get all of your questions answered, report bugs and issues and request new features. 



iOS & Android Apps

Get a faster and more feature rich Webtalk experience when you download the iOS and Android mobile apps! You're be able to upload, sync and invite your phone contacts, find friends, and share content across apps. Plus, get real-time push notifications with all of your network's activity. 




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Create an account for your business, brand, or media company to help you reach users on Webtalk. You will NEVER be charged to reach your own followers! Coming soon you will be able to sell your products and services directly from your Page. If you have an existing store, you'll be able to migrate your store instantly!

Affiliate Swag Shop

Want to promote Webtalk offline? Webtalk's affiliate swag shop can help with custom Webtalk gear, promotional giveaways and your own official Webtalk Affiliate Marketer business cards. 

Self-Service Ad Platform

Want to reach new customers faster? Webtalk's self-service ad platform can help you target specific audiences in any location worldwide to help you grow your business. Easily design custom ads and sponsored posts to reach anyone, anywhere and time. 

Verified by Webtalk

Webtalk Verify is a 3-Step process where you can earn a badge for completing each verification step. Not only will getting verified help to establish instant trust within the network, it will help you get discovered for more opportunities. All Verified users will rank higher in Webtalk's search engine. 


Post and find jobs anywhere with Webtalk's free classifieds service. Apply instantly using your Webtalk profile and put yourself at the top of all applications with Webtalk Verify. Employers can get more job applicants by sponsoring a job post. 


Collaborate without chaos and get

more done in less time. ​Pin comments on photos, video frames and files, create custom invite-only chat channels with API integrations, and sync your data from other cloud services.

Video/Live Video

Video will soon get a lot better. In addition to posting and saving YouTube & Vimeo videos, you will soon be able to upload and edit videos directly on Webtalk. We are also going to be launching Webtalk Live where anyone can broadcast live from anywhere! 

Eventwave by Webtalk

Find & be found with Webtalk's Eventwave messaging app. Eventwave offers real-time messaging, GPS friend-finder service and a revolutionary last-minute events and meetup service where you can find and host any size event and broadcast it to everyone or a selected group... TODAY ONLY!




Webtalk Drive will allow you to create custom folders for files, photos and videos that you can share publicly, to your contacts on Webtalk, to contacts you individually select, or to anyone with a link. You'll be able to organize your file tree any way you like with folders in folders. 

Credits & Coin_2x.jpg

Credits & Coin

Webtalk's Credits platform is no ordinary credits platform. It's built on highly powerful and secure blockchain technology using Webtalk's own proprietary cryptocurrency to conduct transactions called Webtalk Coin. These coins will be able to purchase anything from anyone within the Webtalk community. 



Meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime with Webtalk Meet's video chat and screen sharing service. Video conference, group chats, and product demos become available right from your Webtalk newsfeed from the click of a button.

Stores (pages)_2x.jpg

Stores (pages)

Buy and sell products right from the Page of any business or entertainer on Webtalk. Webtalk Verify will provide not just your peer's reviews on the products, but also on the company and it's owners giving you full transparency into where your hard earned money is going. ​

Talent & Vendor Booking_2x.jpg

Talent & Vendor Booking

Hire freelancers and employees and sell your services and time hourly or on a project basis. Escrow the funds until the job is complete and receive milestone tracking on projects. Freelancer booking widgets will be available for all users on your profiles. 

Marketplace Search_2x.jpg

Marketplace Search

Open the black books of your network to find the best of everything: Vendors, Contractors, Freelancers, Products, Services, Apps, Photos, Videos, Files, Companies, Charities, Events, Books, Investment Opportunities & More! Webtalk's patent-pending search technology is a game-changer for helping the world create more success. 

App Marketplace_2x.jpg

App Marketplace

Explore, link and download all kinds of apps from apps that enhance Webtalk's features, to apps that allow you to sync your Webtalk data outside of Webtalk, to games, to apps built by Webtalk. Any company can apply to list their apps inside the Webtalk App Marketplace

Developer Platform_2x.jpg

Developer Platform

Want to build an app on top of Webtalk or linked to Webtalk's user base?


Our developer platform is full of APIs and SDKs enabling you to partner with Webtalk and list your apps in Webtalk's App Marketplace. 

Webpay by Webtalk_2x.jpg

Webpay by Webtalk

Send and receive both fiat and crypto currency to anyone, anywhere, anytime. All payments from Webtalk whether its from app revenue or commissions earned as a Webtalk affiliate will be deposited instantly to your Webpay wallet with a built-in currency exchange. 

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